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Desso AirMaster® celebrates fifth anniversary with GUI Gold Plus certification

04 November 2015 - Desso is marking the fifth anniversary of DESSO AirMaster® with a ‘world first’ GUI Gold Plus certification. Next to this, it also includes a product extension of the AirMaster® Sphere range, with the introduction of six additional colours.

When you consider we spend around 90% of our time indoors, it is critical that the inside air is as clean as possible. The presence and size of particulate matter (PM) or fine dust is a determining factor in air quality and is directly linked to potential health problems1.

Airmaster Sphere


AirMaster® carpet plays an important role in capturing fine dust indoor 

Contrary to general opinion, carpet can play an important role in capturing fine dust in the indoor environment. According to a study performed by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB)2, it is proven that the burden from fine dust is dramatically reduced when using carpet. With the introduction of ® ">DESSO AirMaster® in 2010, this functionality was taken to the next level, its patented technology has been specially developed to capture and retain harmful fine dust from the indoor air.

Tests performed in the laboratory of the independent German test institute GUI3, already demonstrated that DESSO AirMaster® is 8 times more effective in capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions (PM10) and 4 times more effective than standard carpet solutions (PM10)4.

Airmaster Sphere_1


More health-supporting benefits

Today, the latest test results show that ® with EcoBase™ backing">DESSO AirMaster® with EcoBase™ backing has even more health-supporting benefits. For this particular product combination we have carried out an additional test with GUIto assess the product's performance on three strict test criteria:
  • Suitability for allergy sufferers because of the ingredients
  • High fine dust binding capacity
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission properties.

First product in the world with GUI Gold Plus label

GUI Gold Certification

DESSO AirMaster® with EcoBase™ backing meets all of the above mentioned criteria, and is therefore the first product in the world to be certified with the GUI Gold Plus label. 

“Not only is poor indoor air quality a threat to people’s health and wellbeing but it can also have a negative impact on workplace productivity and attendance levels. In fact the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls indoor air quality one of the top five environmental health risks of our time. Improving indoor air quality, therefore, can have an immediate, positive and tangible impact on sickness absenteeism and lead to a boost in productivity”.

Roland Jonkhoff Managing Director Desso & Vice President, Carpet (EMEA) Tarkett

6 additional colours of AirMaster® Sphere

AirMaster® Sphere is a contemporary, non-directional carpet tile which was launched as part of the Elements collection in 2014. It is now available in six additional colours including aqua, lime, mustard yellow and a pillarbox red for stunning, eye-catching floors.

[1] World Health Organization Air quality guidelines for particulate matter, global update 2005

[2] Study performed by Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund e.V. in 2005

[3] GUI is an independent German test institute, which specialises in the analysis of indoor and outdoor air quality

[4] Based on the average of 15 repeated tests performed by GUI, with DESSO AirMaster® versus a standard smooth floor and a standard structured loop pile carpet (median values).


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