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DESSO introduces ‘Create your own AirMaster®’- Online platform for designing your own carpet

10 October 2011

The European carpet manufacturer Desso introduces the online platform 'Create your own AirMaster®'. This new application allows users to create their own design for a Desso AirMaster® carpet. The simple push of a button lets you view your design and check how it fits within different interiors. The application offers over four million options. The Desso AirMaster® carpet was specially developed to filter particulate matter from indoor air.

Desso Group CCO Alexander Collot d'Escury: 'With Create Your Own AirMaster®", we are taking the next step in supplying our products on a custom basis. Besides creating their own design online, users can store this design, share it via social media and naturally order a sample of their personally designed carpet tile. This will be custom-made by our manufacturing plant and delivered to the client's door. And this with four million different, unique AirMaster® designs.' 

Unprecedented freedom
'Create Your Own AirMaster®' allows the user to adapt colours until he or she has created the most appealing combination. The carpet's five accent lines can be selected from a total of sixteen colours. In addition, the user can choose one of four basic background colours to optimally accentuate the desired colour combination. Collot d'Escury: 'With a simple push of a button, you can immediately check what your unique design will look like. You can both view it in the form of a carpet tile, and see how it will fit in various types of interior. The application offers over four million options. In other words: unprecedented freedom in creating your own AirMaster®.'

Desso AirMaster®
Desso AirMaster® is a carpet that was specially designed to filter particulate matter from the air. Collot d'Escury: 'It is an established fact that carpet has a positive impact on the concentration of particulates in indoor air. Desso AirMaster® is able to reduce the concentration of particulate matter in indoor air up to eight times better than hard flooring and four times better than standard carpet.'

To access Desso's 'Create Your Own AirMaster®' application, go to or check out

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